Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Baby Dress

Hello everyone. It's been absolutely ages since I last posted anything worthwhile here, so apologies. I have been feeling as if I have lost my sewing/creative mojo as it were over these past months. I'm not sure whether it's the dreadful weather (although you would think that need to be inside all the time would inspire rather than impede creativity), my inability to focus on one thing at the moment, or just a lack of motivation, but whatever it is/was it has left me feeling a little bereft. Luckily, new things are on the horizon, including a new baby daughter due any day to a very good friend of mine, and this seems to have been just the thing I needed to get back behind my sewing machine with some degree of enthusiam. 

I have had these prints in my stash for ages, but love them so much that I have been saving them for a very special project (and one that didn't take too much fabric, as my supply was very limited!), but finally I had just the use for them - a baby dress. The pattern is a bit of a mish-mash ... I used the do up at the front idea from this dress I made previously, and the rest I took from a pattern book on making a baby layette my aunty gave me. I think it dates back from the early 1970s which meant some of the sewing terminology was foreign to me, so I decided to ditch the instructions and just go for it myself. Dresses like this are pretty simple, so it wasn't hard to muddle my way through. I absolutely adore the result ... now little miss bubs just needs to come out with a complexion that suits red and we'll be sitting pretty.