Friday, October 30, 2009

Two days to go ...

... Until Fabrication's first ever sale. Just in time for the pre-Christmas creative season, you'll find up to 30% off all fabrics and 20% off everything else. But, it's for 2 weeks only, starting Sunday 1 November, so check it out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pretty Please ...

A few new fabrics are starting to trickle in. Of course, I'd love a flood of new fabrics, but apparently trickles rather than floods are the way of the fabric business.

Anyway, this week I received 5 new fabrics from Jennifer Paganelli's gorgeous "Pretty Please" collection, and an Amy Butler fabric, Trailing Cherry from her Midwest Modern II collection. More of both to come (hopefully soon!), and as always, you can check them all out at

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ad time!

So, as some as you may have seen, I have been advertising in the directory section of NZ's Your Home and Garden magazine. I am an avid reader of this mag and love the way it offers gorgeous interiors and gardens, without all the stiffness (and massive budgets). So, when I set up I instantly thought of advertising here. My first ad came out in the September issue, and this week I had to send in my pics for the Dec issue.
In the past my ads have just featured some of my current fabrics, but this time I wanted to show what you can do with the fabrics I sell. So, I spent last weekend making aprons (see my last post) and a tea-cosy (made with Dena Designs Circle Pane in Gold and on the reverse Annette Tatum's Candy Stripe in Berry) . Then I got my super-talented big sis (also modelling the apron) to help me with styling, and voila! We were going for a fresh, summery feel - hopefully we've managed to capture that.
Keep your eye out for the Dec issue of Your Home and Garden. It goes on sale mid-Nov.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Aprons for Nana

My Nana, who is 85 and makes the best cream sponge, needed some new aprons, so I spent last weekend sewing a few for her. I cut the pattern off an existing apron she had which she loves the fit of, but which was nearly worn through, so it was definitely time for some new ones. She was right, the fit is fabulous, so I think I'll be making some for myself next.
Anyway, I made three aprons - the dark blue one is from fabric which she already had. It has a slight waterproof feeling texture to the outside, so will be great for those messy baking jobs. The other two I made from fabrics available at my online fabric store, The light blue and red one is made with two stunning Joel Dewberry fabrics, Architect and Lodge Lattice, while the stripey one is made with David Walker fabric, Narrow Stripe and an Amy Butler fabric, Garden Maze, for the pocket and straps, which coordinates with it perfectly. I put a bigger pocket on the stripey apron, just because I love the Amy Butler fabric so much I wanted to be able to see it, but the other two just have a small pocket. I'm not entirely sure I've got this pocket in the same place as Nana had hers on her old apron, but hopefully it'll be near enough.
These aprons are easy peasy to make, and only take a metre of fabric (and you'll have some left over), so if you'd like the pattern just get in touch - I'm sure Nana wouldn't mind me sharing it with you.